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Neurological Integration (NIS)

Signal distractions between the brain and organs can lead to symtoms and illnesses.
From experience NIS can detect and repair the causes of signal distractions with no harmful side effects.
No medication or technical equipment is necessary.

Neurointegrative Coaching (NIC) 

NIC gives priority to emotions and behaviour and is used to treat symptoms and illnesses which have mainly developed due to psychological causes.


This therapy uses the valuable ingredients of medicinal mushrooms to regulate a weak or overactive immune system.

Dorn Therapy

This type of treatment intends to detect and carefully correct misalignments of the vertebrae and joints.

Medical Hypnotherapy

While being in a trance state, the mechanisms of physical and psychological symptoms can be found and resolved.

Note: The methods of diagnosis and therapies mentioned on this page belong to the empiric naturopathic medicine which is not recognized by the conventional medicine. All statements regarding e.g. aspects, impacts or possible applications are based on the experience and knowledge of the method itself.